3 Tips To Simplify Office Moving

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Moving Services

3 Tips To Simplify Office Moving

Few will argue that moving offices is one of the most dreaded projects an established business can undertake. Office moving, whether your company undertakes it alone or with the help of professional office moving services, requires a tremendous amount of planning and effort to execute in a way that has minimal impact on staff and operations.

If your business is considering moving to a new location, here are three tips to help simplify the process and make everyone’s lives a little easier:

1) Have A Clear Plan Ahead Of Time

Much like cooking a good meal, successful office moving is 90% planning and preparation, and 10% execution. Whomever is in charge of overseeing the move should have a clear strategy for how the project will start and finish.

Checklists, organizational plans, contact numbers, and any other pertinent information should all be collected in one place, along with printed copies to reference when online access is unavailable.

2) Communicate With Everyone

The quickest way to chaos with office moving is if no one understands what’s supposed to happen, when it’s supposed to happen, and what their role in the project is.

Make sure every employee has a copy of the moving timeline that includes the new address, contact info for the movers (if applicable), a map with directions to the new location, and the name of the person overseeing the move in your company in case employees have questions.

Additionally, make sure each employee understands what they’re responsible for moving, if anything, and when and how they’re expected to move. Examples of questions employees may have include:

  • What date am I moving on?
  • Am I responsible for moving my personal items?
  • When will my phone be switched to the new location?
  • Where do I park at the new location?
  • Who do I contact if something is missing after the move?

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Hire Help

Even if your office and staff are relatively small, don’t be afraid to hire help if the situation calls for it. While the upfront cost of hiring office moving services may not seem worthwhile, consider all the time and energy it will take to plan and execute a move on your own.

Modern office moving service providers offer a range of services to choose from, and your business may only need help in one area, rather than start-to-finish assistance. If your business can do all the planning and organization internally, but needs help with the execution, that’s an excellent time to utilize professionals.

Conversely, if you’re new to the process and need guidance on how to plan your move, but perhaps you have the labor end of the project accounted for, that’s another area where getting professional assistance can make life a lot easier for everyone.