Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive the furniture?
At Absolute Office Solutions, we pride ourselves on shipping office furniture to our customers as quickly as possible. We understand there may be specific items that are required as a priority, and we can work with our customers to ensure shipping and delivery within your requirements. When you have a specific delivery requirement, contact us at 916-365-9027, and we can give you information on delivery time.
Can I customize the furniture on my order?
Many of the furniture items we sell can be customized at the time you place your order. This can include specific design elements, colors, fabrics, or other options provided by the manufacturer. Our team is always here to help, and we encourage customers to download our Office Furniture Catalog to see the various options available.
Do you provide office design services?
One of the services we offer at Absolute Office Solutions is office space design services. Simply send the team a copy of your office floorplan, and we can create a custom furniture order to fit within your space. We can also work with your team to select the ideal options in furniture to fit your space, budget, and the interior design of the office or building.

We can help with the design and layout of workstations, conferencing and office space. This includes 2D and 3D Giza format design drawing of office.Also, a virtual rendering of office that looks like a photograph of your
new office down to the color of the wood grain.

What is the difference between benching and cubicles?
Benching and cubicles are both exceptional options for maximizing the use of space in an office. Cubicles are individual seating areas with a dedicated desk surrounded on one or more sides with partitions. These partitions can create a compartment or an office, or they may be lower on one or more sides for a more open area. Cubicles can also be of various shapes and sizes, which provides significant flexibility in effectively using any office space.

Benching includes a shared work area, such as a large table. The large table can be divided into different work areas through the use of different heights of permanent or optional dividers. In a small office, benching can be used to create individual work areas using the same large table. For collaborative or team projects, the partitions can be moved, allowing for a large central area for multiple people to work together.

Do you provide Covid-19 office furniture?
Yes. We have a variety of office furniture that helps to minimize the spread of germs included the Covid-19 virus also known as the Coronavirus. These include sneeze guards / germ guards; screens, panels and partitions between workstations; plexiglass and acrylic panels, partitions and screens; brackets to add screens, partitions or panels to desks and cubicles; tall, full height freestanding mobiles screens and other workstation dividers.
Do you provide Home Office Solutions?
Yes. We have the ability to provide home office solutions. This includes sit stand desks, ergonomic solutions, chair assessments, or additional needs to set up your home office.