Moving Services

We can manage every aspect of your office relocation while you tend to business as usual. Our professional office moving team will employ our proprietary methods to safely transition your team and assets to your new location.

We also offer methods that don’t require you to unpack and re-file things like desks and filing cabinets. As a result, you and your employees are able to get packed, moved, and back to work quicker thanks to Absolute Office Solutions.

You can rely on our office moving experts to provide you with whatever you’ll need to make a smooth transition. This includes an onsite visit where they can see your space and assets, providing an accurate estimate and pricing, a customized moving plan, and tips on everything from packing, to insurance, and more.

Preparing For Your Transition

We will provide onsite training, as well as a number of helpful tips and best practices to help you and your employees get ready for your move. Additionally, there are steps you can take even before we arrive to help ease the transition for your team.

  • As soon as you know your new location, give your employees the new address, phone number, driving directions, and information about public transportation options.
  • Provide a map showing what’s nearby, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and fitness centers.
  • Give employees a simple floor plan showing the new office’s amenities. Highlight key common areas, rest rooms, lunch and break rooms, copy and mail rooms, and their new offices.
  • Distribute a copy of the moving plan to your employees so they’re aware of the timetable and when they can expect the transition to be complete.
  • Have a staff meeting to allow employees to ask questions about the move and ensure that everyone is clear about the transition process and how it affects them.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Whether you choose to take advantage of our project management services and have us plan and execute your entire move for you, or use us as an additional resource to your existing transition team, our experience and expertise will ensure your office moving project is completed quickly and with minimal disruption.

Our commitment to your success means you get a reliable, dedicated office moving partner that will work with you through each step to keep things on track and on budget.

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