We offer a wide selection of ergonomic products and accessories in a variety of styles and pricepoints to meet your office’s unique needs. To see our complete selection of ergonomic products and accessories, please contact us.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Tables

Sit-to-Stand Tables

Our ergonomic sit-to-stand tables bring movement and flexibility to the workplace with clean aesthetics, quiet motors, and LED screens with 1-touch memory presets.

Two models of sit-to-stand tables are available at affordable pricepoints, with both offering the same health and ergonomic benefits.

Ergonomic Seating


Protect your back with ergonomic office seating. Our adjustable chairs are cushioned and molded to ensure comfort over long hours.

A variety of seating options are available, including breathable backs that let air flow through to keep you cool and add to your comfort level on hot days.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Benching

Sit-to-Stand Benching

Our ergonomic benching brings collaborative spaces to a new level, with height adjustability built into its infrastructure.

Benches are simple to install and reconfigure, with 2-packs that daisy chain together. 4 memory presets and whisper quiet motors allow for unobtrusive height adjustments.

Ergonomic Keyboard Arms & Trays

Keyboard Arms & Trays

We offer three styles of keyboard arm and tray combinations that are designed for ease of use, adjustability, and ultimately for stability.

All of our keyboard arms offer tilt adjustment and swivel a full 360°. Our arms are made from 60% recycled steel with an estimated 93% recyclability rate when the product’s use is over.

Ergonomic Accessories


Once the basic ergonomic units are selected, it’s time to consider the little extras that bring additional ergonomic efficiency to the workplace.

Our list of ergonomic accessories includes lighting, mouse attachments, palm and foot rests, corner wedges, and CPU holders. Contact us for more information about accessories.

Ergonomic Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

Our ergonomic monitor supports strive to address the critical issues of monitor positioning: viewing distance, angle/height, viewing time and clarity.

Our supports are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional to allow easy movement with minimal space required.

Looking For More?

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